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### Validations for `dependencies` keyword
> Introduced in GitLab 10.3
> This is the user documentation. For the administration guide see
`dependencies` keyword doesn't check the depended `artifacts` strictly. Therefore
they do not fail even though it falls into the following conditions.
If a depended job doesn't have artifacts by the following reason, the depending job will fail.
1. A depended `artifacts` has been [erased](
1. A depended `artifacts` has been [expired](
To validate those conditions, you can flip the feature flag from a rails console:
### before_script and after_script
It's possible to overwrite the globally defined `before_script` and `after_script`:
......@@ -163,6 +163,14 @@ information in the UI.
![Latest artifacts button](img/job_latest_artifacts_browser.png)
## Validation for `dependency` keyword
To disable [the validation for dependency], you can flip the feature flag from a rails console:
[expiry date]: ../../../ci/yaml/
[the validation for dependency]: ../../../ci/yaml/
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