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- Enable Rubocop on lib/gitlab. (gfyoung)
## 11.5.8 (2019-01-28)
### Security (21 changes)
- Make potentially malicious links more visible in the UI and scrub RTLO chars from links. !2770
- Don't process MR refs for guests in the notes. !2771
- Fixed XSS content in KaTex links.
- Verify that LFS upload requests are genuine.
- Extract GitLab Pages using RubyZip.
- Prevent awarding emojis to notes whose parent is not visible to user.
- Prevent unauthorized replies when discussion is locked or confidential.
- Disable git v2 protocol temporarily.
- Fix showing ci status for guest users when public pipline are not set.
- Fix contributed projects info still visible when user enable private profile.
- Disallows unauthorized users from accessing the pipelines section.
- Add more LFS validations to prevent forgery.
- Use common error for unauthenticated users when creating issues.
- Fix slow regex in project reference pattern.
- Fix private user email being visible in push (and tag push) webhooks.
- Fix wiki access rights when external wiki is enabled.
- Fix path disclosure on project import error.
- Restrict project import visibility based on its group.
- Expose CI/CD trigger token only to the trigger owner.
- Notify only users who can access the project on project move.
- Alias GitHub and BitBucket OAuth2 callback URLs.
## 11.5.5 (2018-12-20)
### Security (1 change)
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