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# Using Docker Images
GitLab CI in conjuction with [GitLab Runner](../runners/ can use
GitLab CI in conjunction with [GitLab Runner](../runners/ can use
[Docker Engine]( to test and build any application.
Docker is an open-source project that allows you to use predefined images to
run applications in independent "containers" that are run within a single Linux
instance. [Docker Hub][hub] has a rich database of prebuilt images that can be
instance. [Docker Hub][hub] has a rich database of pre-built images that can be
used to test and build your applications.
Docker, when used with GitLab CI, runs each build in a separate and isolated
......@@ -136,6 +136,24 @@ Look for the `[runners.docker]` section:
The image and services defined this way will be added to all builds run by
that runner.
## Define an image from a private Docker registry
Starting with GitLab Runner 0.6.0, you are able to define images located to
private registries that could also require authentication.
All you have to do is be explicit on the image definition in `.gitlab-ci.yml`.
image: my.registry.tld:5000/namepace/image:tag
In the example above, GitLab Runner will look at `my.registry.tld:5000` for the
image `namespace/image:tag`.
If the repository is private you need to authenticate your GitLab Runner in the
registry. Learn how to do that on
[GitLab Runner's documentation][runner-priv-reg].
## Accessing the services
Let's say that you need a Wordpress instance to test some API integration with
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