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......@@ -71,11 +71,6 @@ For an overview on the creation of Auto DevOps, read the blog post [From 2/3 of
## Requirements
TIP: **Tip:**
For self-hosted installations, the easiest way to make use of Auto DevOps is to
install GitLab inside a Kubernetes cluster using the [GitLab Omnibus Helm Chart]
which automatically installs and configures everything you need!
To make full use of Auto DevOps, you will need:
1. **GitLab Runner** (needed for all stages) - Your Runner needs to be
......@@ -101,10 +96,6 @@ To make full use of Auto DevOps, you will need:
Kubernetes cluster using the
Helm chart.
1. **Wildcard TLS termination** - You can deploy the
Helm chart to your Kubernetes cluster to automatically issue certificates
for your domains using Let's Encrypt.
1. **Prometheus** (needed for Auto Monitoring) - To enable Auto Monitoring, you
will need Prometheus installed somewhere (inside or outside your cluster) and
configured to scrape your Kubernetes cluster. To get response metrics
......@@ -148,11 +139,6 @@ Auto DevOps base domain to ``.
Once set up, all requests will hit the load balancer, which in turn will route
them to the Kubernetes pods that run your application(s).
NOTE: **Note:**
If GitLab is installed using the [GitLab Omnibus Helm Chart], there are two
options: provide a static IP, or have one assigned. For more information see the
relevant docs on the [network prerequisites](../../install/kubernetes/
## Using multiple Kubernetes clusters **[PREMIUM]**
When using Auto DevOps, you may want to deploy different environments to
......@@ -482,10 +468,7 @@ The metrics include:
- **Response Metrics:** latency, throughput, error rate
- **System Metrics:** CPU utilization, memory utilization
If GitLab has been deployed using the [GitLab Omnibus Helm Chart], no
configuration is required.
If you have installed GitLab using a different method, you need to:
In order to make use of monitoring you need to:
1. [Deploy Prometheus](../../user/project/integrations/ into your Kubernetes cluster
1. If you would like response metrics, ensure you are running at least version
......@@ -850,6 +833,5 @@ curl --data "value=true" --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: personal_access_token" https:/
[container-registry]: ../../user/project/
[Auto DevOps template]:
[GitLab Omnibus Helm Chart]: ../../install/kubernetes/
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