use commander for safer cli argument parsing

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var path = require('path');
var webpack = require('webpack');
var argumentsParser = require('commander');
var webpackConfig = require('./webpack.config.js');
var ROOT_PATH = path.resolve(__dirname, '..');
......@@ -14,14 +15,21 @@ if (webpackConfig.plugins) {
var ignoreUpTo = process.argv.indexOf('config/karma.config.js') + 1;
var testFiles = process.argv.slice(ignoreUpTo).filter(arg => {
return !arg.startsWith('--');
var testFiles = argumentsParser
'-f, --filter-spec [filter]',
'Filter run spec files by path. Multiple filters are like a logical OR.',
(val, memo) => {
return memo;
new webpack.DefinePlugin({
'process.env.TEST_FILES': JSON.stringify(testFiles) ,
'process.env.TEST_FILES': JSON.stringify(testFiles),
......@@ -165,18 +165,18 @@ excluded tests (with `fdescribe` or `xdescribe`) to get karma to run only the
tests you want while you're working on a specific feature, but make sure to
remove these directives when you commit your code.
It is also possible to only run karma on specific folders or files by simply
appending the file name to the karma command:
It is also possible to only run karma on specific folders or files by filtering
the run tests via the argument `--filter-spec` or short `-f`:
# Run all files
yarn karma-start
# Run specific spec files
yarn karma-start profile/account/components/update_username_spec.js
yarn karma-start --filter-spec profile/account/components/update_username_spec.js
# Run specific spec folder
yarn karma-start profile/account/components/
# Run all specs in vue_shared and vue_mr_widget
yarn karma-start /vue_shared/ /vue_mr_widget/
yarn karma-start --filter-spec profile/account/components/
# Run all specs which path contain vue_shared or vie
yarn karma-start -f vue_shared -f vue_mr_widget
## RSpec feature integration tests
......@@ -1859,9 +1859,9 @@ combined-stream@1.0.6, combined-stream@^1.0.5, combined-stream@~1.0.5:
delayed-stream "~1.0.0"
commander@^2.13.0, commander@^2.9.0:
version "2.14.1"
resolved ""
commander@^2.13.0, commander@^2.15.1, commander@^2.9.0:
version "2.15.1"
resolved ""
version "1.0.1"
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