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Add visibility change to API v3 -> v4 doc

And add changelog entry.
parent 260cc578
title: "API: Use `visibility` as string parameter everywhere"
merge_request: 9337
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ changes are in V4:
- PUT `projects/:id`
- Renamed `branch_name` to `branch` on DELETE `id/repository/branches/:branch` response [!8936](
- Remove `public` param from create and edit actions of projects [!8736](
- Use `visibility` as string parameter everywhere [!9337](
- Notes do not return deprecated field `upvote` and `downvote` [!9384](
- Return HTTP status code `400` for all validation errors when creating or updating a member instead of sometimes `422` error. [!9523](
- Remove `GET /groups/owned`. Use `GET /groups?owned=true` instead [!9505](
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