Commit bc0d6664 authored by James Lopez's avatar James Lopez
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fix syntax error

parent 99d8c03d
......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ spinach:other:ruby22:
stage: notifications
- ./scripts/ "#builds" "Build on \`$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME\` failed! Commit: \`$(git log -1 --oneline)\` See <$(basename "$PWD")/commit/"$CI_BUILD_REF"/builds>"
- ./scripts/ "#builds" "Build on \`$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME\` failed! Commit \`$(git log -1 --oneline)\` See <$(basename "$PWD")/commit/"$CI_BUILD_REF"/builds>"
when: on_failure
- master@gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
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