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Commit ba861a22 authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu
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Only validate project visibility when it has changed

On, there are hundreds of projects that have visibility
levels that are inconsistent with the fork or group settings. Most
likely, this happened during a GitLab project import because the
validation was bypassed.  Attempting to migrate these projects to hashed
storage fails even though the migration doesn't touch the visibility
settings. Skipping the visibility validation allows the migration to go

parent fb4b0e6c
......@@ -330,8 +330,8 @@ class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
validates :star_count, numericality: { greater_than_or_equal_to: 0 }
validate :check_limit, on: :create
validate :check_repository_path_availability, on: :update, if: ->(project) { project.renamed? }
validate :visibility_level_allowed_by_group
validate :visibility_level_allowed_as_fork
validate :visibility_level_allowed_by_group, if: -> { changes.has_key?(:visibility_level) }
validate :visibility_level_allowed_as_fork, if: -> { changes.has_key?(:visibility_level) }
validate :check_wiki_path_conflict
validate :validate_pages_https_only, if: -> { changes.has_key?(:pages_https_only) }
validates :repository_storage,
title: Only validate project visibility when it has changed
merge_request: 24142
type: fixed
......@@ -2959,6 +2959,24 @@ def enable_lfs
describe '#update' do
let(:project) { create(:project) }
it 'validates the visibility' do
expect(project).to receive(:visibility_level_allowed_as_fork).and_call_original
expect(project).to receive(:visibility_level_allowed_by_group).and_call_original
project.update(visibility_level: Gitlab::VisibilityLevel::INTERNAL)
it 'does not validate the visibility' do
expect(project).not_to receive(:visibility_level_allowed_as_fork).and_call_original
expect(project).not_to receive(:visibility_level_allowed_by_group).and_call_original
describe '#last_repository_updated_at' do
it 'sets to created_at upon creation' do
project = create(:project, created_at: 2.hours.ago)
......@@ -3185,6 +3203,13 @@ def enable_lfs
expect { project.migrate_to_hashed_storage! }.to change { project.repository_read_only }.to(true)
it 'does not validate project visibility' do
expect(project).not_to receive(:visibility_level_allowed_as_fork)
expect(project).not_to receive(:visibility_level_allowed_by_group)
it 'schedules ProjectMigrateHashedStorageWorker with delayed start when the project repo is in use' do false)).increase
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