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Document the branch naming conventions for QA-only changes

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......@@ -7,6 +7,24 @@ as expected across the entire software stack and architecture, including
integration of all micro-services and components that are supposed to work
## Branch naming
If your contribution contains **only** changes under the
[`qa/` folder](, you can
speed up the CI process by following some branch naming conventions. You have
three choices:
| Branch name | Valid example |
| Starting with `qa/` | `qa/new-oauth-login-test` |
| Starting with `qa-` | `qa-new-oauth-login-test` |
| Ending in `-qa` | `123-new-oauth-login-test-qa` |
If your branch name matches any of the above, it will run only the QA-related
If it does not, the whole application test suite will run (including QA-related
## How do we test GitLab?
We use [Omnibus GitLab][omnibus-gitlab] to build GitLab packages and then we
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