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### Adding patches when creating a merge request via e-mail
> **Note**: This feature was [implemented in GitLab 11.5](
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 11.5.
You can add commits to the merge request being created by adding
patches as attachments to the email, all attachments with a filename
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ branch already exists, the patches will be applied on top of it.
## Find the merge request that introduced a change
> **Note**: this feature was [implemented in GitLab 10.5](
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 10.5.
When viewing the commit details page, GitLab will link to the merge request (or
merge requests, if it's in more than one) containing that commit.
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[Read more about Review Apps.](../../../ci/review_apps/
## Pipeline status in merge requests
If you've set up [GitLab CI/CD](../../../ci/ in your project,
you will be able to see:
- Both pre and post-merge pipelines and the environment information if any.
- Which deployments are in progress.
If there's an [environment](../../../ci/ and the application is
successfully deployed to it, the deployed environment and the link to the
Review App will be shown as well.
### Post-merge pipeline status
When a merge request is merged, you can see the post-merge pipeline status of
the branch the merge request was merged into. For example, when a merge request
is merged into the master branch and then triggers a deployment to the staging
Deployments that are ongoing will be shown, as well as the deploying/deployed state
for environments. If it's the first time the branch is deployed, the link
will return a `404` error until done. During the deployment, the stop button will
be disabled. If the pipeline fails to deploy, the deployment info will be hidden.
![Merge request pipeline](img/merge_request_pipeline.png)
For more information, [read about pipelines](../../../ci/
## Bulk editing merge requests
Find out about [bulk editing merge requests](../../project/
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