Commit b21463f0 authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu

Disable docs lint internal_links check

This check never worked once the global navigation changes were rolled
out in The
global nav will ALWAYS include /ce and /ee links, and the CE and EE
repos will never include documentation for both.  gitlab-docs now
expects the documentation to be in the following directories:

* /tmp/gitlab-docs/ce (CE)
* /tmp/gitlab-docs/ee (EE)
* /tmp/gitlab-docs/omnibus (Omnibus)

The problem is that the CE and EE repos will only include one of the
first two.

Let's disable this check until is resolved.

parent abeeb24c
......@@ -555,7 +555,8 @@ docs lint:
# Build HTML from Markdown
- bundle exec nanoc
# Check the internal links
- bundle exec nanoc check internal_links
# Disabled until is resolved
# - bundle exec nanoc check internal_links
<<: *rake-exec
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