Commit b1a21a99 authored by Kamil Trzcinski's avatar Kamil Trzcinski
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Set container_registry_token_expire_delay default to 5

parent f517aa49
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ class AddContainerRegistryTokenExpireDelayToApplicationSettings < ActiveRecord::
include Gitlab::Database::MigrationHelpers
def change
add_column :application_settings, :container_registry_token_expire_delay, :integer
add_column :application_settings, :container_registry_token_expire_delay, :integer, default: 5
# Set default expire delay to 5 minutes
# Set expire delay to 5 minutes for existing settings
execute("update application_settings set container_registry_token_expire_delay = 5")
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
t.text "disabled_oauth_sign_in_sources"
t.string "health_check_access_token"
t.boolean "send_user_confirmation_email", default: false
t.integer "container_registry_token_expire_delay"
t.integer "container_registry_token_expire_delay", default: 5
create_table "audit_events", force: :cascade do |t|
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