Commit af70d985 authored by Lin Jen-Shin's avatar Lin Jen-Shin

Merge branch 'retry-node-jobs' into 'master'

Retry Node QA jobs

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!24438
parents f1876e7c 42bdfa79
......@@ -804,6 +804,7 @@ qa:selectors:
- bundle exec bin/qa Test::Sanity::Selectors
.qa-frontend-node: &qa-frontend-node
<<: *dedicated-no-docs-no-db-pull-cache-job
stage: test
NODE_OPTIONS: --max_old_space_size=3584
......@@ -818,7 +819,6 @@ qa:selectors:
- yarn install --frozen-lockfile --cache-folder .yarn-cache
- date
- yarn run webpack-prod
<<: *except-docs
<<: *qa-frontend-node
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