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Commit aedb5469 authored by Robert Speicher's avatar Robert Speicher

Correct AddDefaultOtpRequiredForLoginValue migration

Also MySQL complains when you change a field to be not null if any
existing records already have a null value, so this updates those rows.
parent d3ff8c1a
class AddDefaultOtpRequiredForLoginValue < ActiveRecord::Migration
def up
execute %q{UPDATE users SET otp_required_for_login = FALSE WHERE otp_required_for_login IS NULL}
change_column :users, :otp_required_for_login, :boolean, default: false, null: false
def down
change_column :users, :otp_required_for_login, :boolean, default: nil
change_column :users, :otp_required_for_login, :boolean, null: true
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