Commit ae46d6ea authored by Rubén Dávila's avatar Rubén Dávila Committed by Robert Speicher
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Explain why MR can't be reverted.

parent 5bb5019e
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ class Projects::MergeRequestsController < Projects::ApplicationController
before_action :define_show_vars, only: [:show, :diffs, :commits, :builds]
before_action :define_widget_vars, only: [:merge, :cancel_merge_when_build_succeeds, :merge_check]
before_action :ensure_ref_fetched, only: [:show, :diffs, :commits, :builds]
before_action :check_target_branch_exists, only: [:revert]
# Allow read any merge_request
before_action :authorize_read_merge_request!
......@@ -194,8 +193,7 @@ def merge
def revert
@repository.revert_merge(current_user, @merge_request)
target_branch_exists = @merge_request.target_branch_exists?
url_params = { merge_request: {
source_branch: @merge_request.revert_branch_name,
target_branch: @merge_request.target_branch,
......@@ -204,7 +202,13 @@ def revert
description: "Reverts #{@merge_request.to_reference}"
redirect_to new_namespace_project_merge_request_url(@project.namespace, @project, url_params)
if target_branch_exists
@repository.revert_merge(current_user, @merge_request)
redirect_to new_namespace_project_merge_request_url(@project.namespace, @project, url_params)
redirect_to namespace_project_merge_request_url(@project.namespace, @project, @merge_request),
alert: 'Merge Request cannot be reverted because target branch was deleted.'
def branch_from
......@@ -279,10 +283,6 @@ def module_enabled
return render_404 unless @project.merge_requests_enabled
def check_target_branch_exists
return render_404 unless @merge_request.target_branch_exists?
def validates_merge_request
# If source project was removed (Ex. mr from fork to origin)
return invalid_mr unless @merge_request.source_project
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