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Commit add283bf authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu

Merge branch 'note-query-information' into 'master'

Note query information

The 'editable' field is required to be able to distinguish system-created notes from user comments. The 'upvote' and 'downvote' fields are so that endpoints don't need to duplicate GitLab's logic for what an up or downvote is.

See merge request !677
parents 36f3e206 dd4fee5f
......@@ -31,7 +31,10 @@ Parameters:
"state": "active",
"created_at": "2013-09-30T13:46:01Z"
"created_at": "2013-10-02T09:22:45Z"
"created_at": "2013-10-02T09:22:45Z",
"system": true,
"upvote": false,
"downvote": false
"id": 305,
......@@ -45,7 +48,10 @@ Parameters:
"state": "active",
"created_at": "2013-09-30T13:46:01Z"
"created_at": "2013-10-02T09:56:03Z"
"created_at": "2013-10-02T09:56:03Z",
"system": false,
"upvote": false,
"downvote": false
......@@ -190,6 +190,9 @@ class Note < Grape::Entity
expose :attachment_identifier, as: :attachment
expose :author, using: Entities::UserBasic
expose :created_at
expose :system
expose :upvote?, as: :upvote
expose :downvote?, as: :downvote
class MRNote < Grape::Entity
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