Commit acbb8c0f authored by winniehell's avatar winniehell
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Fail trigger_docs if triggering build was not successful

parent 67603d04
......@@ -389,7 +389,8 @@ trigger_docs:
cache: {}
artifacts: {}
- "curl -X POST -F token=${DOCS_TRIGGER_TOKEN} -F ref=master -F variables[PROJECT]=${CI_PROJECT_NAME}"
- "HTTP_STATUS=$(curl -X POST -F token=${DOCS_TRIGGER_TOKEN} -F ref=master -F variables[PROJECT]=${CI_PROJECT_NAME} --silent --output curl.log --write-out '%{http_code}'"
- if [ "${HTTP_STATUS}" -ne "201" ]; then echo "Error ${HTTP_STATUS}"; cat curl.log; echo; exit 1; fi
- master@gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
- master@gitlab-org/gitlab-ee
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