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Update to the, more details about how to use the --form method for creating a commit

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......@@ -155,6 +155,32 @@ Example response:
GitLab supports [form encoding](../ The following is an example using Commit API with form encoding:
curl --request POST \
--form "branch=master" \
--form "commit_message=some commit message" \
--form "start_branch=master" \
--form "actions[][action]=create" \
--form "actions[][file_path]=foo/bar" \
--form "actions[][content]=</path/to/local.file" \
--form "actions[][action]=delete" \
--form "actions[][file_path]=foo/bar2" \
--form "actions[][action]=move" \
--form "actions[][file_path]=foo/bar3" \
--form "actions[][previous_path]=foo/bar4" \
--form "actions[][content]=</path/to/local1.file" \
--form "actions[][action]=update" \
--form "actions[][file_path]=foo/bar5" \
--form "actions[][content]=</path/to/local2.file" \
--form "actions[][action]=chmod" \
--form "actions[][file_path]=foo/bar5" \
--form "actions[][execute_filemode]=true" \
--header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" \
## Get a single commit
Get a specific commit identified by the commit hash or name of a branch or tag.
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