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Commit a69236cd authored by Sean McGivern's avatar Sean McGivern

Merge branch '34647-fix-move_spec' into 'master'

wait_for_requests is not needed when AJAX is not in play

Closes #34647

See merge request !12626
parents 6e8902d6 0c7e1c16
......@@ -41,13 +41,10 @@
find('#issuable-move', visible: false).set(
click_button('Save changes')
expect(current_url).to include project_path(new_project)
expect(page).to have_content("Text with #{cross_reference}#{mr.to_reference}")
expect(page).to have_content("moved from #{cross_reference}#{issue.to_reference}")
expect(page).to have_content(issue.title)
expect(page.current_path).to include project_path(new_project)
scenario 'searching project dropdown', js: true do
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