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Add support for explicit index order

ActiveRecord supports `:order` natively, but it is skipped because of
our specific patch to support opclasses.

Relevant AR code:
parent 420442c5
......@@ -130,9 +130,12 @@ def indexes(table_name, name = nil)
where = inddef.scan(/WHERE (.+)$/).flatten[0]
using = inddef.scan(/USING (.+?) /).flatten[0].to_sym
opclasses = Hash[inddef.scan(/\((.+?)\)(?:$| WHERE )/).flatten[0].split(',').map do |column_and_opclass|
column, opclass = column_and_opclass.split(' ').map(&:strip)
[column, opclass] if opclass
column, opclass = column_and_opclass.split(' ').map(&:strip)
end.reject do |column, opclass|
['desc', 'asc'].include?(opclass&.downcase) do |column, opclass|
[column, opclass] if opclass
index_attrs = [table_name, index_name, unique, column_names, [], orders, where, nil, using, nil, opclasses]
......@@ -151,6 +154,9 @@ def add_index(table_name, column_name, options = {}) #:nodoc:
def quoted_columns_for_index(column_names, options = {})
column_opclasses = options[:opclasses] || {} {|name| "#{quote_column_name(name)} #{column_opclasses[name]}"}
quoted_columns = Hash[ { |name| [name.to_sym, "#{quote_column_name(name)} #{column_opclasses[name]}"] }]
add_options_for_index_columns(quoted_columns, options).values
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