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documentation](doc/development/ for instructions on adding your own
## 11.9.0 (2019-03-22)
### Security (24 changes)
- Use encrypted runner tokens. !25532
- Stop linking to unrecognized package sources. !55518
- Disable issue boards API when issues are disabled.
- Forbid creating discussions for users with restricted access.
- Fix leaking private repository information in API.
- Fixed ability to see private groups by users not belonging to given group.
- Prevent releases links API to leak tag existance.
- Display the correct number of MRs a user has access to.
- Block local URLs for Kubernetes integration.
- Fix arbitrary file read via diffs during import.
- Check if desired milestone for an issue is available.
- Don't allow non-members to see private related MRs.
- Check snippet attached file to be moved is within designated directory.
- Fix blind SSRF in Prometheus integration by checking URL before querying.
- Fix git clone revealing private repo's presence.
- Remove project serialization in quick actions response.
- Don't show new issue link after move when a user does not have permissions.
- Limit mermaid rendering to 5K characters.
- Show only merge requests visible to user on milestone detail page.
- Display only information visible to current user on the Milestone page.
- Do not display impersonated sessions under active sessions and remove ability to revoke session.
- Validate session key when authorizing with GCP to create a cluster.
- Do not disclose milestone titles for unauthorized users.
- Remove the possibility to share a project with a group that a user is not a member of.
### Removed (1 change)
- Remove HipChat integration from GitLab. !22223
### Fixed (86 changes, 21 of them are from the community)
- Fixes issue with AWS V4 signatures not working with some S3 providers. !21788
- Validate 'include' keywords in gitlab-ci.yml configuration files. !24098 (Paul Bonaud)
- Close More Actions tooltip when menu opens. !24285
- API: Support Jira transition ID as string. !24400 (Robert Schilling)
- Fixed navigation sidebar flashing open on page load. !24555
- Fix username escaping when using assign to me for issues. !24673
- commit page info-well overflow fix #56436. !24799 (Gokhan Apaydin)
- Fix error tracking list page. !24806
- Fix overlapping empty-header logo. !24868 (Jonas L.)
- Resolve Jobs tab border top in pipeline's page is 1px off. !24878
- Require maintainer access to show pages domain settings. !24926
- Display error message when API call to list Sentry issues fails. !24936
- Fix rollout status for statefulsets and daemonsets. !24972 (Sergej Nikolaev <>)
- Display job names consistently on pipelines and environments list. !24984
- Update new password breadcrumb. !25037 (George Tsiolis)
- Fixes functions finder for upgraded Knative app. !25067
- Provide expires_in in LFS authentication payload. !25082
- Fix validation of certain ed25519 keys. !25115 (Merlijn B. W. Wajer)
- Timer and action name aligned vertically for delayed jobs in pipeline actions. !25117 (Gokhan Apaydin)
- Fix the border style of CONTRIBUTING button when it exists. !25124 (Takuya Noguchi)
- Change badges.svg example to pipeline.svg. !25157 (Aviad Levy)
- API: Fix docs and parameters for hangouts-chat service. !25180 (Robert Schilling)
- API: Expose full commit title. !25189 (Robert Schilling)
- API: Require only one parameter when updating a wiki. !25191 (Robert Schilling)
- Hide pipeline status when pipelines are disabled on project. !25204
- Fix alignment of dropdown icon on issuable on mobile. !25205 (Takuya Noguchi)
- Add left margin to 1st time contributor badge. !25216 (Gokhan Apaydin)
- Use limited counter for runner build count in admin page. !25220
- API: Ensure that related merge requests are referenced cross-project. !25222 (Robert Schilling)
- Ensure the base pipeline of a Merge Request belongs to its target branch. !25226
- Fix import_jid error on project import. !25239
- Fix commenting on commits having SHA1 starting with a large number. !25278
- Allow empty values such as [] to be stored in reactive cache. !25283
- Remove vertical connecting line placeholder from diff discussion notes. !25292
- Fix hover and active state colors of award emoji button. !25295
- Fix author layouts in issuable meta line UIs on mobile. !25332 (Takuya Noguchi)
- Fix bug where project topics truncate. !25398
- Fix ETag caching not being used for AJAX requests. !25400
- Doc - fix the url of pipeline status badge. !25404 (Aviad Levy)
- Fix pipeline status icon mismatch. !25407
- Allow users to compare branches on a read-only instance. !25414
- Fix 404s when C++ .gitignore template selected. !25416
- Always fetch MR latest version when creating suggestions. !25441
- Only show borders for markdown images in notes. !25448
- Bring back Rugged implementation of find_commit. !25477
- Remove duplicate units from metrics graph. !25485
- Fix project import error importing releases. !25495
- Remove duplicate XHR request when requesting new pipeline page. !25506
- Properly handle multiple X-Forwarded-For addresses in runner IP. !25511
- Fix weekday shift in issue board cards for UTC+X timezones by removing local timezone to UTC conversion. !25512 (Elias Werberich)
- Fix large table horizontal scroll and prevent side-by-side tables. !25520 (Dany Jupille)
- Fix error when viewing group issue boards when user doesn't have explicit group permissions. !25524
- Respect the should_remove_source_branch parameter to the merge API. !25525
- Externalize markdown toolbar buttons tooltips. !25529
- Fix method to mark a project repository as writable. !25546
- fix group without owner after transfer. !25573 (Peter Marko)
- Fix pagination and duplicate requests in environments page. !25582
- Improve the JS pagination to handle the case when the `X-Total` and `X-Total-Pages` headers aren't present. !25601
- Add right padding to the repository mirror action buttons. !25606
- Use 'folder-open' from sprite icons for Browse Files button in Tag page. !25635
- Make merge to refs/merge-requests/:iid/merge not raise when FF-only enabled. !25653
- Fixed "Copying comment with ordered list includes extraneous newlines". !25695
- Fix bridge jobs only/except variables policy. !25710
- Allow GraphQL requests without CSRF token. !25719
- Skip Project validation during Hashed Storage migration or rollback. !25753
- Resolve showing squash commit edit issue when only single commit is present. !25807
- Fix the last-ditch memory killer pgroup SIGKILL. !25940
- Disable timeout on merge request merging poll. !25988
- Allow modifying squash commit message for fast-forward only merge method. !26017
- Fix bug in BitBucket imports with SHA shorter than 40 chars. !26050
- Fix health checks not working behind load balancers. !26055
- Fix 500 error caused by CODEOWNERS with no matches. !26072
- Fix notes being marked as edited after resolving. !26143
- Fix error creating a merge request when diff includes a null byte. !26190
- Fix undefined variable error on json project views. !26297
- GitHub import: Create new branches as project owner. !26335
- Gracefully handles excluded fields from attributes during serialization on JsonCache. !26368
- Admin section finds users case-insensitively.
- Fixes not working dropdowns in pipelines page.
- Do not show file templates when creating a new directory in WebIDE.
- Allow project members to see private group if the project is in the group namespace.
- Allow maintainers to remove pages.
- Fix inconsistent pagination styles.
- Fixed blob editor deleting file content for certain file paths.
- Fix upcoming milestone when there are milestones with far-future due dates.
- Fixed alignment of changed icon in Web IDE.
### Changed (31 changes, 10 of them are from the community)
- Improve snippets empty state. !18348 (George Tsiolis)
- Remove second primary button on wiki edit. !19959 (George Tsiolis)
- Allow raw `tls_options` to be passed in LDAP configuration. !20678
- Remove undigested token column from personal_access_tokens table from the database. !22743
- Update activity filter for issues. !23423 (George Tsiolis)
- Use auto-build-image for build job in Auto-DevOps.gitlab-ci.yml. !24279
- Error tracking configuration - add a Sentry project selection dropdown. !24701
- Move ChatOps to Core. !24780
- Implement new arguments `state`, `closed_before` and `closed_after` for `IssuesResolver` in GraphQL. !24910
- Validate kubernetes cluster CA certificate. !24990
- Review App Link to Changed Page if Only One Change Present. !25048
- Show pipeline ID, commit, and branch name on modal while stopping pipeline. !25059
- Improve empty state for starred projects. !25138
- Capture due date when importing milestones from Github. !25182 (dstanley)
- Add a spinner icon which is rendered using pure css. !25186
- Make emoji picker bigger. !25187 (Jacopo Beschi @jacopo-beschi)
- API: Sort tie breaker with id DESC. !25311 (Nermin Vehabovic)
- Add iOS-fastlane template for .gitlab-ci.yml. !25395
- Move language setting to preferences. !25427 (Fabian Schneider @fabsrc)
- Resolve Create Project Template for Netlify. !25453
- Sort labels alphabetically on issues and merge requests list. !25470
- Add Project template for .NET Core. !25486
- Update operations settings breadcrumb trail. !25539 (George Tsiolis)
- Add Project template for go-micro. !25553
- Jira: make issue links title compact. !25609 (Elan Ruusamäe @glensc)
- Project level filtering for JupyterHub. !25684 (Amit Rathi (amit1rrr))
- Clean up vendored templates. !25794
- Mask all TOKEN and PASSWORD CI variables. !25868
- Add project template for Android. !25870
- Add iOS project template. !25872
- Upgrade to Gitaly v1.26.0. !25890
### Performance (11 changes)
- Improve performance for diverging commit counts. !24287
- Optimize Redis usage in User::ActivityService. !25005
- Only load syntax highlight CSS of selected theme. !25232
- Improve label select rendering. !25281
- Enable persisted pipeline stages by default. !25347
- Speed up group issue search counts. !25411
- Load repository language from the database if detected before. !25518
- Remove N+1 query for tags in /admin/runners page. !25572
- Eliminate most N+1 queries loading UserController#calendar_activities. !25697
- Improve Web IDE launch performance. !25700
- Significantly reduce N+1 queries in /api/v4/todos endpoint. !25711
### Added (55 changes, 18 of them are from the community)
- Add a tag filter to the admin runners view. !19740 (Alexis Reigel)
- Add project fetch statistics. !23596 (Jacopo Beschi @jacopo-beschi)
- Hashed Storage rollback mechanism. !23955
- Allow to recursively expand includes. !24356
- Allow expanding a diff to display full file. !24406
- Support `only: changes:` on MR pipelines. !24490 (Hiroyuki Sato)
- Expose additional merge request pipeline variables. !24595 (Hiroyuki Sato)
- Add metadata about the GitLab server to GraphQL. !24636
- Support merge ref writing (without merging to target branch). !24692
- Add field mergeRequests for project in GraphQL. !24805
- API support for MR merge to temporary merge ref path. !24918
- Ability to filter confidential issues. !24960 (Robert Schilling)
- Allow creation of branches that match a wildcard protection, except directly through git. !24969
- Add related merge request count to api response. !24974
- Add realtime validation for user fullname and username on validation. !25017 (Ehsan Abdulqader @EhsanZ)
- Allow setting feature flags per GitLab group through the API. !25022
- Add API endpoint to get a commit's GPG signature. !25032
- Add support for FTP assets for releases. !25071 (Robert Schilling)
- Add Confirmation Modal to Rollback on Environment. !25110
- add title attribute to display file name. !25154 (Satoshi Nakamatsu @satoshicano)
- API: Expose text_color for project and group labels. !25172 (Robert Schilling)
- Added support for ingress hostnames. !25181 (walkafwalka)
- API: Promote project milestone to a group milestone. !25203 (Nermin Vehabovic)
- API: Expose if the current user can merge a MR. !25207 (Robert Schilling)
- add readme to changelogs directory. !25209 (@glensc)
- API: Indicate if label is a project label. !25219 (Robert Schilling)
- Expose refspecs and depth to runner. !25233
- Port System Header and Footer feature to Core. !25241
- Sort Environments by Last Updated. !25260
- Accept force option to overwrite branch on commit via API. !25286
- Add support for masking CI variables. !25293
- Add Link from Closed (moved) Issues to Moved Issue. !25300
- Next/previous navigation between files in MR review. !25355
- Add YouTrack integration service. !25361 (Yauhen Kotau @bessorion)
- Add ability to set path and name for project on fork using API. !25363
- Add project level config for merge pipelines. !25385
- Edit Knative domain after it has been deployed. !25386
- Add zoom and scroll to metrics dashboard. !25388
- Persist source sha and target sha for merge pipelines. !25417
- Add support for toggling discussion filter from notes section. !25426
- Resolve Move files in the Web IDE. !25431
- Show header and footer system messages in email. !25474
- Allow configuring POSTGRES_VERSION in Auto DevOps. !25500
- Add Saturday to Localization first day of the week. !25509 (Ahmad Haghighi)
- Extend the Gitlab API for deletion of job_artifacts of a single job. !25522 (rroger)
- Simplify CI/CD configuration on serverless projects. !25523
- Add button to start discussion from single comment. !25575
- sidekiq: terminate child processes at shutdown. !25669
- Expose merge request entity for pipelines. !25679
- Link to most recent MR from a branch. !25689
- Adds Auto DevOps build job for tags. !25718 (walkafwalka)
- Allow all snippets to be accessed by API. !25772
- Make file tree in merge requests resizable.
- Make the Web IDE the default editor.
- File uploads are deleted asynchronously when deleting a project or group.
### Other (28 changes, 6 of them are from the community)
- Improve GitHub and Gitea project import table UI. !24606
- Externalize strings from `/app/views/projects/commit`. !24668 (George Tsiolis)
- Correct non-standard unicode spaces to regular unicode. !24795 (Marcel Amirault)
- Provide a performance bar link to the Jaeger UI. !24902
- Remove BATCH_SIZE from WikiFileFinder. !24933
- Use export-import svgs from gitlab-svgs. !24954
- Fix N+1 query in Issues and MergeRequest API when issuable_metadata is present. !25042 (Alex Koval)
- Directly inheriting from ActiveRecord::Migration is deprecated. !25066 (Jasper Maes)
- Bump Helm and kubectl in Auto DevOps to 2.12.3 and 1.11.7 respectively. !25072
- Log queue duration in production_json.log. !25075
- Extracted ResolveWithIssueButton to its own component. !25093 (Martin Hobert)
- Add rectangular project and group avatars. !25098
- Include note in the Rails filter_parameters configuration. !25238
- Bump Helm and kubectl used in Kubernetes integration to 2.12.3 and 1.11.7 respectively. !25268
- Include gl_project_path in API /internal/allowed response. !25314
- Fix incorrect Pages Domains checkbox description. !25392 (Anton Melser)
- Update GitLab Runner Helm Chart to 0.2.0. !25493
- Add suffix (`_event`) to merge request source. !25508
- Creates a helper function to check if repo is EE. !25647
- If chpst is available, make fron-source installations run sidekiq as a process group leader. !25654
- Bring back Rugged implementation of GetTreeEntries. !25674
- Moves EE util into the CE file. !25680
- Bring back Rugged implementation of CommitIsAncestor. !25702
- Bring back Rugged implementation of TreeEntry. !25706
- Enable syntax highlighting to other supported markups. !25761
- Update GitLab Shell to v8.7.1. !25801
- Bring back Rugged implementation of commit_tree_entry. !25896
- Removes EE differences for jobs/getters.js.
## 11.8.0 (2019-02-22)
### Security (7 changes, 1 of them is from the community)
title: Removes EE differences for jobs/getters.js
type: other
title: Moves EE util into the CE file
merge_request: 25680
type: other
title: Add support for masking CI variables.
merge_request: 25293
type: added
title: Add a spinner icon which is rendered using pure css
merge_request: 25186
type: changed
title: Optimize Redis usage in User::ActivityService
merge_request: 25005
type: performance
title: Add Confirmation Modal to Rollback on Environment
merge_request: 25110
type: added
title: Remove the possibility to share a project with a group that a user is not a member
type: security
title: Fixed "Copying comment with ordered list includes extraneous newlines"
merge_request: 25695
type: fixed
title: Improve empty state for starred projects
merge_request: 25138
type: changed
title: Move language setting to preferences
merge_request: 25427
author: Fabian Schneider @fabsrc
type: changed
title: Fix username escaping when using assign to me for issues
merge_request: 24673
type: fixed
title: Add left margin to 1st time contributor badge
merge_request: 25216
author: Gokhan Apaydin
type: fixed
title: 'API: Require only one parameter when updating a wiki'
merge_request: 25191
author: Robert Schilling
type: fixed
title: 'sidekiq: terminate child processes at shutdown'
merge_request: 25669
type: added
title: 'If chpst is available, make fron-source installations run sidekiq as a process group leader'
merge_request: 25654
type: other
title: Add ability to set path and name for project on fork using API
merge_request: 25363
type: added
title: Allow all snippets to be accessed by API
merge_request: 25772
type: added
title: Add project fetch statistics
merge_request: 23596
author: Jacopo Beschi @jacopo-beschi
type: added
title: 'API: Expose if the current user can merge a MR'
merge_request: 25207
author: Robert Schilling
type: added
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