Commit 9d4c105a authored by Rubén Dávila's avatar Rubén Dávila Committed by Robert Speicher
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Remove code introduced when endpoint was in MR controller.

parent a28eef1d
......@@ -2,8 +2,7 @@ class Projects::MergeRequestsController < Projects::ApplicationController
before_action :module_enabled
before_action :merge_request, only: [
:edit, :update, :show, :diffs, :commits, :builds, :merge, :merge_check,
:ci_status, :toggle_subscription, :cancel_merge_when_build_succeeds,
:ci_status, :toggle_subscription, :cancel_merge_when_build_succeeds
before_action :closes_issues, only: [:edit, :update, :show, :diffs, :commits, :builds]
before_action :validates_merge_request, only: [:show, :diffs, :commits, :builds]
......@@ -591,7 +591,6 @@
post :cancel_merge_when_build_succeeds
get :ci_status
post :toggle_subscription
post :revert
collection do
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