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Add missing documentation.

## What does this MR do?

Add documentation to Build events on webhooks

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......@@ -922,6 +922,64 @@ X-Gitlab-Event: Pipeline Hook
## Build events
Triggered on status change of a Build.
**Request Header**:
X-Gitlab-Event: Build Hook
**Request Body**:
"object_kind": "build",
"ref": "gitlab-script-trigger",
"tag": false,
"before_sha": "2293ada6b400935a1378653304eaf6221e0fdb8f",
"sha": "2293ada6b400935a1378653304eaf6221e0fdb8f",
"build_id": 1977,
"build_name": "test",
"build_stage": "test",
"build_status": "created",
"build_started_at": null,
"build_finished_at": null,
"build_duration": null,
"build_allow_failure": false,
"project_id": 380,
"project_name": "gitlab-org/gitlab-test",
"user": {
"id": 3,
"name": "User",
"email": ""
"commit": {
"id": 2366,
"sha": "2293ada6b400935a1378653304eaf6221e0fdb8f",
"message": "test\n",
"author_name": "User",
"author_email": "",
"status": "created",
"duration": null,
"started_at": null,
"finished_at": null
"repository": {
"name": "gitlab_test",
"git_ssh_url": "git@",
"description": "Atque in sunt eos similique dolores voluptatem.",
"homepage": "",
"git_ssh_url": "git@",
"git_http_url": "",
"visibility_level": 20
#### Example webhook receiver
If you want to see GitLab's webhooks in action for testing purposes you can use
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