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Add tests and changelog item for language graphs

Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitriy Zaporozhets <>
parent 9b561e7e
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ v 8.3.0 (unreleased)
- Fix: Ensure "Remove Source Branch" button is not shown when branch is being deleted. #3583
- Run custom Git hooks when branch is created or deleted.
- Fix bug when simultaneously accepting multiple MRs results in MRs that are of "merged" status, but not merged to the target branch
- Add languages page to graphs
v 8.2.3
- Fix application settings cache not expiring after changes (Stan Hu)
......@@ -18,3 +18,8 @@ Feature: Project Graph
Given project "Shop" has CI enabled
When I visit project "Shop" CI graph page
Then page should have CI graphs
Scenario: I should see project languages graphs
When I visit project "Shop" languages graph page
Then page should have languages graphs
......@@ -14,6 +14,15 @@ class Spinach::Features::ProjectGraph < Spinach::FeatureSteps
visit commits_namespace_project_graph_path(project.namespace, project, "master")
step 'I visit project "Shop" languages graph page' do
visit languages_namespace_project_graph_path(project.namespace, project, "master")
step 'page should have languages graphs' do
expect(page).to have_content "Ruby 66.63 %"
expect(page).to have_content "JavaScript 22.96 %"
step 'page should have commits graphs' do
expect(page).to have_content "Commit statistics for master"
expect(page).to have_content "Commits per day of month"
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