Commit 9add3e6e authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu

Extract the longest-matching ref from a commit path when multiple matches occur

Closes #1839
parent 3603edcf
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ v 7.13.0 (unreleased)
- Fix downloading of patches on public merge requests when user logged out (Stan Hu)
- The password for the default administrator (root) account has been changed from "5iveL!fe" to "password".
- Fix Error 500 when relative submodule resolves to a namespace that has a different name from its path (Stan Hu)
- Extract the longest-matching ref from a commit path when multiple matches occur (Stan Hu)
- Update maintenance documentation to explain no need to recompile asssets for omnibus installations (Stan Hu)
- Support commenting on diffs in side-by-side mode (Stan Hu)
- Fix JavaScript error when clicking on the comment button on a diff line that has a comment already (Stan Hu)
......@@ -55,12 +55,16 @@ def extract_ref(id)
valid_refs = @project.repository.ref_names! { |v| id.start_with?("#{v}/") }
if valid_refs.length != 1
if valid_refs.length == 0
# No exact ref match, so just try our best
pair = id.match(/([^\/]+)(.*)/).captures
# There is a distinct possibility that multiple refs prefix the ID.
# Use the longest match to maximize the chance that we have the
# right ref.
best_match = valid_refs.max_by(&:length)
# Partition the string into the ref and the path, ignoring the empty first value
pair = id.partition(valid_refs.first)[1..-1]
pair = id.partition(best_match)[1..-1]
......@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@
before do
@project = project
repo = double(ref_names: ['master', 'foo/bar/baz', 'v1.0.0', 'v2.0.0'])
repo = double(ref_names: ['master', 'foo/bar/baz', 'v1.0.0', 'v2.0.0',
'release/app', 'release/app/v1.0.0'])
allow(project).to receive(:repository).and_return(repo)
allow(project).to receive(:path_with_namespace).
......@@ -54,11 +55,17 @@
it "falls back to a primitive split for an invalid ref" do
expect(extract_ref('stable')).to eq(['stable', ''])
it "extracts the longest matching ref" do
expect(extract_ref('release/app/v1.0.0/')).to eq(
['release/app/v1.0.0', ''])
context "with a path" do
it "extracts a valid branch" do
expect(extract_ref('foo/bar/baz/CHANGELOG')).to eq(['foo/bar/baz', 'CHANGELOG'])
expect(extract_ref('foo/bar/baz/CHANGELOG')).to eq(
['foo/bar/baz', 'CHANGELOG'])
it "extracts a valid tag" do
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