Commit 997290fc authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu

Resolve conflicts in spec/mailers/notify_spec.rb

parent 0fc51747
......@@ -208,15 +208,6 @@ describe Notify do
let(:new_issue) { create(:issue) }
subject { described_class.issue_moved_email(recipient, issue, new_issue, current_user) }
<<<<<<< HEAD
it_behaves_like 'an answer to an existing thread with reply-by-email enabled' do
let(:model) { issue }
it_behaves_like 'it should show Gmail Actions View Issue link'
it_behaves_like 'an unsubscribeable thread'
it_behaves_like 'appearance header and footer enabled'
it_behaves_like 'appearance header and footer not enabled'
context 'when a user has permissions to access the new issue' do
before do
......@@ -234,7 +225,6 @@ describe Notify do
it 'has the correct subject and body' do
new_issue_url = project_issue_path(new_issue.project, new_issue)
>>>>>>> dev/master
aggregate_failures do have_referable_subject(issue, reply: true)
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