Commit 987007b8 authored by Ben Bodenmiller's avatar Ben Bodenmiller

remove duplicate time zone entry in CHANGELOG

parent 75c3dc9e
v 7.5.0
- API: Add support for Hipchat (Kevin Houdebert)
- Add time zone configuration on gitlab.yml (Sullivan Senechal)
- Add time zone configuration in gitlab.yml (Sullivan Senechal)
- Fix LDAP authentication for Git HTTP access
- Run 'GC.start' after every EmailsOnPushWorker job
- Fix LDAP config lookup for provider 'ldap'
......@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ v 7.5.0
- Added a password strength indicator
- Change project name and path in one form
- Display renamed files in diff views (Vinnie Okada)
- Add timezone configuration to gitlab.yml
- Fix raw view for public snippets
v 7.4.3
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