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......@@ -236,6 +236,24 @@ For other punctuation rules, please refer to the
E.g., instead of writing something like `Read more about GitLab Issue Boards [here](LINK)`,
write `Read more about [GitLab Issue Boards](LINK)`.
### Links to confidential issues
Don't link directly to [confidential issues](../../user/project/issues/ These will fail for:
- Those without sufficient permissions.
- Automated link checkers.
- Mention in the text that the information is contained in a confidential issue. This will reduce confusion.
- Provide a link in back ticks (`` ` ``) so that those with access to the issue can easily navigate to it.
For more information, see the [confidential issue]( `<issue_number>`.
### Unlinking emails
By default, all email addresses will render in an email tag on
......@@ -32,8 +32,7 @@ clicking `Pause sync` on the [Crowdin integration settings
When all failures are resolved, the translations need to be double
checked once more [as discussed in this
checked once more as discussed in [confidential issue]( ``.
## Merging translations
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