Commit 932a6e69 authored by Rémy Coutable's avatar Rémy Coutable
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Merge branch...

Merge branch '34339-user_avatar-url-in-push-event-webhook-json-payload-is-relative-should-be-absolute' into 'master'

Resolve "user_avatar URL in push event webhook JSON payload is relative, should be absolute"

Closes #34339

See merge request !13401
parents 0ff90166 67ea6abd
......@@ -825,7 +825,7 @@ def hook_attrs
name: name,
username: username,
avatar_url: avatar_url
avatar_url: avatar_url(only_path: false)
title: Use full path of user's avatar in webhooks
merge_request: 13401
author: Vitaliy @blackst0ne Klachkov
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