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Commit 8c5d55ea authored by Luke "Jared" Bennett's avatar Luke "Jared" Bennett

Ensure rake is called within the correct bundle context

parent d6450bb2
......@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@ rake db:migrate:reset:
<<: *use-db
<<: *dedicated-runner
- rake db:migrate:reset
- bundle exec rake db:migrate:reset
rake db:seed_fu:
stage: test
......@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@ teaspoon:
- npm install
- npm link istanbul
- rake teaspoon
- bundle exec rake teaspoon
name: coverage-javascript
expire_in: 31d
......@@ -353,10 +353,10 @@ migration paths:
- cp config/resque.yml.example config/resque.yml
- sed -i 's/localhost/redis/g' config/resque.yml
- bundle install --without postgres production --jobs $(nproc) $FLAGS --retry=3
- rake db:drop db:create db:schema:load db:seed_fu
- bundle exec rake db:drop db:create db:schema:load db:seed_fu
- git checkout $CI_BUILD_REF
- source scripts/
- rake db:migrate
- bundle exec rake db:migrate
stage: post-test
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