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Document the process of docs only changes

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......@@ -68,11 +68,12 @@ stages:
- //@gitlab-org/gitlab-ee
- //@gitlab/gitlab-ee
# Skip all jobs except the ones that begin with 'docs/', for commits
# including ONLY doc changes inside the 'doc/` directory.
# Skip all jobs except the ones that begin with 'docs/'.
# Used for commits including ONLY documentation changes.
.except-docs: &except-docs
- /^docs\/*/
- /^docs\/.*/
.rspec-knapsack: &rspec-knapsack
stage: test
......@@ -70,3 +70,27 @@ All the docs follow the same [styleguide](
### Markdown
Currently GitLab docs use Redcarpet as [markdown](../user/ engine, but there's an [open discussion]( for implementing Kramdown in the near future.
## Testing
We try to treat documentation as code, thus have implemented some testing.
Currently, the following tests are in place:
1. `docs:check:links`: Check that all internal (relative) links work correctly
1. `docs:check:apilint`: Check that the API docs follow some conventions
If your contribution contains **only** documentation changes, you can speed up
the CI process by prepending to the name of your branch: `docs/`. For example,
a valid name would be `docs/update-api-issues` and it will run only the docs
tests. If the name is `docs-update-api-issues`, the whole test suite will run
(including docs).
When you submit a merge request to GitLab Community Edition (CE), there is an
additional job called `rake ee_compat_check` that runs against Enterprise
Edition (EE) and checks if your changes can apply cleanly to the EE codebase.
If that job fails, read the instructions in the job log for what to do next.
Contributors do not need to submit their changes to EE, GitLab Inc. employees
on the other hand need to make sure that their changes apply cleanly to both
CE and EE.
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