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# Docker integration
- [Using Docker Images](
- [Using Docker Build](
- [Using kaniko](
The following documentation is available for using GitLab CI/CD with Docker:
- [Using Docker images](
- [Building Docker images with GitLab CI/CD](
- [Building images with kaniko and GitLab CI/CD](
# Configuration of your jobs with .gitlab-ci.yml
# Configuration of your pipelines with .gitlab-ci.yml
This document describes the usage of `.gitlab-ci.yml`, the file that is used by
GitLab Runner to manage your project's jobs.
GitLab Runner to manage your project's pipelines.
From version 7.12, GitLab CI uses a [YAML](
file (`.gitlab-ci.yml`) for the project configuration. It is placed in the root
# Pipeline Schedules
# Pipeline schedules
> **Notes**:
> - This feature was introduced in 9.1 as [Trigger Schedule][ce-10533].
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