Commit 895d97af authored by Grzegorz Bizon's avatar Grzegorz Bizon

Merge branch 'master' into fix/rename-mwbs-to-merge-when-pipeline-succeeds

* master: (312 commits)
  Fix bad selection on dropdown menu for tags filter
  Fixed issue boards scrolling with a lot of lists & issues
  You can only assign default_branch when editing a project ...
  Don't convert data which already is the target type
  Stop supporting Google and Azure as backup strategies
  renames some of the specs and adds changelog entry
  Fixed dragging issue moving wrong issue after multiple drags of issue
  Fixed issue boards issue sorting when dragging issue into list
  Rephrase some system notes to be compatible with new system note style
  Add missing JIRA file that redirects to the new location
  Fix documentation to create the `pg_trm` extension before creating the DB
  Document that we always use `do...end` for `before` in RSpec
  Backport Note#commands_changes from EE
  Log mv_namespace parameters
  Add default_branch attr to Project API payload in docs.
  Fix title case to sentence case
  properly escape username validation error message flash
  Remove header ids from University docs
  Add missing documentation.
  Added test that checks the correct select box is there for the LFS ...

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"env": {
"browser": true,
"es6": true
"extends": "airbnb",
"globals": {
"$": false,
"_": false,
"gl": false,
"gon": false,
"jQuery": false
"plugins": [
"rules": {
"filenames/match-regex": [2, "^[a-z0-9_]+(.js)?$"]
"globals": {
"$": false,
"_": false,
"beforeEach": false,
"d3": false,
"define": false,
"describe": false,
"document": false,
"expect": false,
"fixture": false,
"gl": false,
"it": false,
"jQuery": false,
"Mousetrap": false,
"spyOn": false,
"spyOnEvent": false,
"Turbolinks": false,
"window": false
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ before_script:
- source ./scripts/
- cp config/gitlab.yml.example config/gitlab.yml
- bundle --version
- '[ "$USE_BUNDLE_INSTALL" != "true" ] || retry bundle install --without postgres production --jobs $(nproc) "${FLAGS[@]}"'
- '[ "$USE_BUNDLE_INSTALL" != "true" ] || retry bundle install --without postgres production --jobs $(nproc) $FLAGS'
- retry gem install knapsack
- '[ "$SETUP_DB" != "true" ] || bundle exec rake db:drop db:create db:schema:load db:migrate add_limits_mysql'
......@@ -271,12 +271,17 @@ rake db:seed_fu:
- log/development.log
- vendor/ruby
- node_modules/
stage: test
<<: *use-db
- curl --silent --location | bash -
- apt-get install --assume-yes nodejs
- npm install --global istanbul
- npm install
- npm link istanbul
- rake teaspoon
name: coverage-javascript
......@@ -319,12 +324,11 @@ migration paths:
- master@gitlab/gitlabhq
- master@gitlab/gitlab-ee
- git checkout HEAD .
- git fetch --tags
- git checkout v8.5.9
- git fetch origin v8.5.9
- git checkout -f FETCH_HEAD
- cp config/resque.yml.example config/resque.yml
- sed -i 's/localhost/redis/g' config/resque.yml
- bundle install --without postgres production --jobs $(nproc) "${FLAGS[@]}" --retry=3
- bundle install --without postgres production --jobs $(nproc) $FLAGS --retry=3
- rake db:drop db:create db:schema:load db:seed_fu
- git checkout $CI_BUILD_REF
- source scripts/
......@@ -345,13 +349,33 @@ coverage:
- coverage/index.html
- coverage/assets/
- node_modules/
stage: test
image: "node:latest"
image: "node:7.1"
- npm install
- npm --silent run eslint
- node_modules/
stage: post-test
image: "node:7.1"
- npm install
- npm run eslint
- find app/ spec/ -name '*.js' -or -name '*.js.es6' -exec sed --in-place 's|/\* eslint-disable .*\*/||' {} \; # run report over all files
- npm --silent run eslint-report || true # ignore exit code
name: eslint-report
expire_in: 31d
- eslint-report.html
# Trigger docs build
......@@ -377,7 +401,7 @@ notify:slack:
SETUP_DB: "false"
- ./scripts/ "#builds" "Build on \`$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME\` failed! Commit \`$(git log -1 --oneline)\` See <$(basename "$PWD")/commit/"$CI_BUILD_REF"/builds>"
- ./scripts/ "#development" "Build on \`$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME\` failed! Commit \`$(git log -1 --oneline)\` See <$(basename "$PWD")/commit/"$CI_BUILD_REF"/builds>"
when: on_failure
- master@gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
......@@ -391,11 +415,13 @@ pages:
- coverage
- teaspoon
- lint:javascript:report
- mv public/ .public/
- mkdir public/
- mv coverage public/coverage-ruby
- mv coverage-javascript/default/ public/coverage-javascript/
- mv eslint-report.html public/
- public
......@@ -4,6 +4,131 @@ entry.
## 8.14.0 (2016-11-22)
- Use separate email-token for incoming email and revert back the inactive feature. !5914
- API: allow recursive tree request. !6088 (Rebeca Mendez)
- Replace jQuery.timeago with timeago.js. !6274 (ClemMakesApps)
- Add CI notifications. Who triggered a pipeline would receive an email after the pipeline is succeeded or failed. Users could also update notification settings accordingly. !6342
- Add button to delete all merged branches. !6449 (Toon Claes)
- Finer-grained Git gargage collection. !6588
- Introduce better credential and error checking to `rake gitlab:ldap:check`. !6601
- Centralize LDAP config/filter logic. !6606
- Make system notes less intrusive. !6755
- Process commits using a dedicated Sidekiq worker. !6802
- Show random messages when the To Do list is empty. !6818 (Josep Llaneras)
- Precalculate user's authorized projects in database. !6839
- Fix record not found error on NewNoteWorker processing. !6863 (Oswaldo Ferreira)
- Show avatars in mention dropdown. !6865
- Fix expanding a collapsed diff when converting a symlink to a regular file. !6953
- Defer saving project services to the database if there are no user changes. !6958
- Omniauth auto link LDAP user falls back to find by DN when user cannot be found by UID. !7002
- Display "folders" for environments. !7015
- Make it possible to trigger builds from webhooks. !7022 (Dmitry Poray)
- Fix showing pipeline status for a given commit from correct branch. !7034
- Add link to build pipeline within individual build pages. !7082
- Add api endpoint `/groups/owned`. !7103 (Borja Aparicio)
- Add query param to filter users by external & blocked type. !7109 (Yatish Mehta)
- Issues atom feed url reflect filters on dashboard. !7114 (Lucas Deschamps)
- Add setting to only allow merge requests to be merged when all discussions are resolved. !7125 (Rodolfo Arruda)
- Remove an extra leading space from diff paste data. !7133 (Hiroyuki Sato)
- Fix trace patching feature - update the updated_at value. !7146
- Fix 404 on network page when entering non-existent git revision. !7172 (Hiroyuki Sato)
- Rewrite git blame spinach feature tests to rspec feature tests. !7197 (Lisanne Fellinger)
- Add api endpoint for creating a pipeline. !7209 (Ido Leibovich)
- Allow users to subscribe to group labels. !7215
- Reduce API calls needed when importing issues and pull requests from GitHub. !7241 (Andrew Smith (EspadaV8))
- Only skip group when it's actually a group in the "Share with group" select. !7262
- Introduce round-robin project creation to spread load over multiple shards. !7266
- Ensure merge request's "remove branch" accessors return booleans. !7267
- Fix no "Register" tab if ldap auth is enabled (#24038). !7274 (Luc Didry)
- Expose label IDs in API. !7275 (Rares Sfirlogea)
- Fix invalid filename validation on eslint. !7281
- API: Ability to retrieve version information. !7286 (Robert Schilling)
- Added ability to throttle Sidekiq Jobs. !7292
- Set default Sidekiq retries to 3. !7294
- Fix double event and ajax request call on MR page. !7298 (YarNayar)
- Unify anchor link format for MR diff files. !7298 (YarNayar)
- Require projects before creating milestone. !7301 (gfyoung)
- Fix error when using invalid branch name when creating a new pipeline. !7324
- Return 400 when creating a system hook fails. !7350 (Robert Schilling)
- Auto-close environment when branch is deleted. !7355
- Rework cache invalidation so only changed data is refreshed. !7360
- Navigation bar issuables counters reflects dashboard issuables counters. !7368 (Lucas Deschamps)
- Fix cache for commit status in commits list to respect branches. !7372
- fixes 500 error on project show when user is not logged in and project is still empty. !7376
- Removed gray button styling from todo buttons in sidebars. !7387
- Fix project records with invalid visibility_level values. !7391
- Use 'Forking in progress' title when appropriate. !7394 (Philip Karpiak)
- Fix error links in help index page. !7396 (Fu Xu)
- Add support for reply-by-email when the email only contains HTML. !7397
- [Fix] Extra divider issue in dropdown. !7398
- Project download buttons always show. !7405 (Philip Karpiak)
- Give search-input correct padding-right value. !7407 (Philip Karpiak)
- Remove additional padding on right-aligned items in MR widget. !7411 (Didem Acet)
- Fix issue causing Labels not to appear in sidebar on MR page. !7416 (Alex Sanford)
- Allow mail_room idle_timeout option to be configurable. !7423
- Fix misaligned buttons on admin builds page. !7424 (Didem Acet)
- Disable "Request Access" functionality by default for new projects and groups. !7425
- fix shibboleth misconfigurations resulting in authentication bypass. !7428
- Added Mattermost slash command. !7438
- Allow to connect Chat account with GitLab. !7450
- Make New Group form respect default visibility application setting. !7454 (Jacopo Beschi @jacopo-beschi)
- Fix Error 500 when creating a merge request that contains an image that was deleted and added. !7457
- Fix labels API by adding missing current_user parameter. !7458 (Francesco Coda Zabetta)
- Changed restricted visibility admin buttons to checkboxes. !7463
- Send credentials (currently for registry only) with build data to GitLab Runner. !7474
- Fix POST /internal/allowed to cope with gitlab-shell v4.0.0 project paths. !7480
- Adds es6-promise Polyfill. !7482
- Added colored labels to related MR list. !7486 (Didem Acet)
- Use setter for key instead AR callback. !7488 (Semyon Pupkov)
- Limit labels returned for a specific project as an administrator. !7496
- Change slack notification comment link. !7498 (Herbert Kagumba)
- Allow registering users whose username contains dots. !7500 (Timothy Andrew)
- Fix race condition during group deletion and remove stale records present due to this bug. !7528 (Timothy Andrew)
- Check all namespaces on validation of new username. !7537
- Pass correct tag target to post-receive hook when creating tag via UI. !7556
- Add help message for configuring Mattermost slash commands. !7558
- Fix typo in Build page JavaScript. !7563 (winniehell)
- Make job script a required configuration entry. !7566
- Fix errors happening when source branch of merge request is removed and then restored. !7568
- Fix a wrong "The build for this merge request failed" message. !7579
- Fix Margins look weird in Project page with pinned sidebar in project stats bar. !7580
- Fix regression causing bad error message to appear on Merge Request form. !7599 (Alex Sanford)
- Fix activity page endless scroll on large viewports. !7608
- Fix 404 on some group pages when name contains dot. !7614
- Do not create a new TODO when failed build is allowed to fail. !7618
- Add deployment command to ChatOps. !7619
- Fix 500 error when group name ends with git. !7630
- Fix undefined error in CI linter. !7650
- Show events per stage on Cycle Analytics page. !23449
- Add JIRA remotelinks and prevent duplicated closing messages.
- Fixed issue boards counter border when unauthorized.
- Add placeholder for the example text for custom hex color on label creation popup. (Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz)
- Add an index for project_id in project_import_data to improve performance.
- Fix broken commits search.