Commit 86abef88 authored by Thong Kuah's avatar Thong Kuah

Add docs about requirement for basic auth and cert

Document that GitLab need the cluster to be created with basic auth and
cert and why. Also note we have started explicitly enabling this so that
we are ready when these settings are disabled by default in GKE 1.12
parent 428ee4bc
......@@ -75,6 +75,14 @@ new Kubernetes cluster to your project:
After a couple of minutes, your cluster will be ready to go. You can now proceed
to install some [pre-defined applications](#installing-applications).
NOTE: **Note:**
GitLab requires basic authentication enabled and a client certificate issued for
the cluster in order to setup an [initial service
account](#access-controls). Starting from [GitLab
11.10](, the cluster
creation process will explicitly request that basic authentication and
client certificate is enabled.
## Adding an existing Kubernetes cluster
To add an existing Kubernetes cluster to your project:
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