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Clarrify use of regression label

parent 13ea4b38
......@@ -244,6 +244,12 @@ ping the Engineering Manager or the Product Manager for the relative area to
make them aware of the issue earlier. They will analyze the priority and change
it if needed.
A ~regression label implies that a regress in functionality happened, a functionality which worked previously but no longer works currently.
The ~regression label is not removed as part of the "Rescheduling" process. If an issue is indeed a regression, it should carry such context forward until it's fully resolved.
A ~regression label on a ~bug tells us that something worked before and it needs extra attention from Engineering and Product Managers to schedule/reschedule.
The milestone of a ~regression is used to schedule when the fix will be delivered. The creation time of a ~regression tells us which release it was found in.
## Release retrospective and kickoff
- [Retrospective](
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