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- [System hooks](system_hooks/ Notifications when users, projects and keys are changed.
- [Update](update/ Update guides to upgrade your installation.
- [Welcome message](customization/ Add a custom welcome message to the sign-in page.
- [Header logo](customization/ Change the logo on the overall page and email header.
- [Reply by email](administration/ Allow users to comment on issues and merge requests by replying to notification emails.
- [Migrate GitLab CI to CE/EE](migrate_ci_to_ce/ Follow this guide to migrate your existing GitLab CI data to GitLab CE/EE.
- [Git LFS configuration](workflow/lfs/
# Changing the logo on the overall page and email header
Navigate to the **Admin** area and go to the **Appearance** page.
Upload the custom logo (**Header logo**) in the section **Navigation bar**.
After saving the page, your GitLab navigation bar will contain the custom logo:
The GitLab pipeline emails will also have the custom logo:
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