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Document ee_else_ce alias for splitting CE/EE JavaScript

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!24798
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......@@ -839,6 +839,20 @@ For example there can be an
`app/assets/javascripts/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js` and an
EE counterpart
The corresponding import statement would then look like this:
// app/assets/javascripts/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js
import bundle from '~/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js';
// ee/app/assets/javascripts/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js
// (only works in EE)
import bundle from 'ee/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js';
// in CE: app/assets/javascripts/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js
// in EE: ee/app/assets/javascripts/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js
import bundle from 'ee_else_ce/protected_branches/protected_branches_bundle.js';
See the frontend guide [performance section](./fe_guide/ for
information on managing page-specific javascript within EE.
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