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Commit 7f90bb37 authored by George Tsiolis's avatar George Tsiolis
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Change auto devops banner link path

parent 817bb190
- if show_auto_devops_implicitly_enabled_banner?(project)
- more_information_link = link_to _('More information'), '', class: 'alert-link'
- more_information_link = link_to _('More information'), help_page_path('topics/autodevops/'), target: '_blank', class: 'alert-link'
- auto_devops_message = s_("AutoDevOps|The Auto DevOps pipeline has been enabled and will be used if no alternative CI configuration file is found. %{more_information_link}") % { more_information_link: more_information_link }
= auto_devops_message.html_safe
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