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......@@ -657,9 +657,11 @@
= f.label :version_check_enabled do
= f.check_box :version_check_enabled
Version check enabled
Enable version check
Let GitLab inform you when an update is available.
GitLab will inform you if a new version is available.
= link_to 'Learn more', help_page_path("user/admin_area/settings/usage_statistics", anchor: "version-check")
about what information is shared with GitLab Inc.
- can_be_configured = @application_setting.usage_ping_can_be_configured?
......@@ -8,20 +8,26 @@ under **Admin area > Settings > Usage statistics**.
## Version check
GitLab can inform you when an update is available and the importance of it.
If enabled, version check will inform you if a new version is available and the
importance of it through a status. This is shown on the help page (i.e. `/help`)
for all signed in users, and on the admin pages. The statuses are:
No information other than the GitLab version and the instance's hostname (through the HTTP referer)
are collected.
* Green: You are running the latest version of GitLab.
* Orange: An updated version of GitLab is available.
* Red: The version of GitLab you are running is vulnerable. You should install
the latest version with security fixes as soon as possible.
In the **Overview** tab you can see if your GitLab version is up to date. There
are three cases: 1) you are up to date (green), 2) there is an update available
(yellow) and 3) your version is vulnerable and a security fix is released (red).
![Orange version check example](img/update-available.png)
In any case, you will see a message informing you of the state and the
importance of the update.
GitLab Inc. collects your instance's version and hostname (through the HTTP
referer) as part of the version check. No other information is collected.
If enabled, the version status will also be shown in the help page (`/help`)
for all signed in users.
This information is used, among other things, to identify to which versions
patches will need to be back ported, making sure active GitLab instances remain
If you disable version check, this information will not be collected. Enable or
disable the version check at **Admin area > Settings > Usage statistics**.
## Usage ping
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