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Clarifications to email section in intro

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......@@ -18,10 +18,10 @@ The comment area supports [Markdown] and [quick actions]. You can edit your own
comment at any time, and anyone with [Maintainer access level][permissions] or
higher can also edit a comment made by someone else.
You can also reply to a comment notification email in order to reply to a comment,
provided that [Reply by email] is configured by your GitLab admin. This also
supports [Markdown] and [quick actions] as if replied from the web. Note that this
adds an additional comment, but does not create a discussion.
You can also reply to a comment notification email to reply to the comment if
[Reply by email] is configured for your GitLab instance. Replying to a standard comment
creates another standard comment. Replying to a discussion comment creates a reply in the
discussion thread. Email replies support [Markdown] and [quick actions], just as if you replied from the web.
## Resolvable comments and discussions
Markdown is supported
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