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Update to account for latest documentation policies

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......@@ -157,7 +157,11 @@ on behalf of the community member.
Every new feature or change should be shipped with its corresponding documentation
in accordance with the
[documentation process](
and [structure](
and [structure]( guides.
Note that a technical writer will review all changes to documentation. This can occur
in the same MR as the feature code, but if there is not sufficient time, it can
be planned via a follow-up issue for doc review, and another MR if needed.
Regardless, complete docs must be merged with code by the freeze.
#### What happens if these deadlines are missed?
......@@ -186,8 +190,6 @@ and to prevent any last minute surprises.
Merge requests should still be complete, following the [definition of done][done].
#### Feature merge requests
If a merge request is not ready, but the developers and Product Manager
responsible for the feature think it is essential that it is in the release,
they can [ask for an exception](#asking-for-an-exception) in advance. This is
......@@ -202,23 +204,6 @@ information, see
[Automatic CE->EE merge][automatic_ce_ee_merge] and
[Guidelines for implementing Enterprise Edition features][ee_features].
#### Documentation merge requests
Documentation is part of the product and must be shipped with the feature.
The single exception for the feature freeze is documentation, and it can
be left to be **merged up to the 14th** if:
* There is a follow-up issue to add documentation.
* It is assigned to the developer writing documentation for this feature, and they
are aware of it.
* It is in the correct milestone, with the labels ~Documentation, ~Deliverable,
~missed-deliverable, and "pick into X.Y" applied.
* It must be reviewed and approved by a technical writer.
For more information read the process for
[documentation shipped late](
### After the 7th
Once the stable branch is frozen, the only MRs that can be cherry-picked into
......@@ -227,7 +212,7 @@ the stable branch are:
* Fixes for [regressions](#regressions) where the affected version `xx.x` in `regression:xx.x` is the current release. See [Managing bugs](#managing-bugs) section.
* Fixes for security issues
* Fixes or improvements to automated QA scenarios
* [Documentation updates]( for changes in the same release
* [Essential documentation improvements]( for changes in the same release
* New or updated translations (as long as they do not touch application code)
* Changes that are behind a feature flag and have the ~"feature flag" label
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