Commit 79fd1b7e authored by Winnie Hellmann's avatar Winnie Hellmann

Introduce yarn test to run Jest and Karma

parent e13f2ff6
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
"prettier-all": "node ./scripts/frontend/prettier.js check-all",
"prettier-all-save": "node ./scripts/frontend/prettier.js save-all",
"stylelint": "node node_modules/stylelint/bin/stylelint.js app/assets/stylesheets/**/*.* --custom-formatter node_modules/stylelint-error-string-formatter",
"test": "yarn jest && yarn karma",
"webpack": "webpack --config config/webpack.config.js",
"webpack-prod": "NODE_ENV=production webpack --config config/webpack.config.js"
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