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Commit 762c7b4f authored by Kyle Fazzari's avatar Kyle Fazzari

Fixed 500 error when creating issue for project with no commits.

The form was updated to check that the repository wasn't empty before trying
to load the contribution guide.

This fixes #153.
parent 0f055197
%div.issue-form-holder @issue.new_record? ? "New Issue" : "Edit Issue ##{@issue.iid}"
- if @repository.contribution_guide && !@issue.persisted?
- if !@repository.empty? && @repository.contribution_guide && !@issue.persisted?
- contribution_guide_url = project_blob_path(@project, tree_join(@repository.root_ref,
="Please review the <strong>#{link_to "guidelines for contribution", contribution_guide_url}</strong> to this repository.".html_safe
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