Commit 758177d1 authored by Zeger-Jan van de Weg's avatar Zeger-Jan van de Weg

Warn admin of granting admin rights during OAuth

Fixes #3951

Warning style the same as the warning a user sees on a archived project.
parent a9aa97b7
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ v 8.4.1
and Nokogiri (
- Fix redirect loop during import
- Fix diff highlighting for all syntax themes
- Warn admin during OAuth of granting admin rights (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
v 8.4.0
- Allow LDAP users to change their email if it was not set by the LDAP server
......@@ -4,6 +4,13 @@
to use your account?
- if current_user.admin?
= icon("exclamation-triangle fw")
Caution! You are admin, and thus will grant admin permission to #{}.
- if @pre_auth.scopes
%p This application will be able to:
......@@ -25,4 +32,4 @@
= hidden_field_tag :state, @pre_auth.state
= hidden_field_tag :response_type, @pre_auth.response_type
= hidden_field_tag :scope, @pre_auth.scope
= submit_tag "Deny", class: "btn btn-danger prepend-left-10"
\ No newline at end of file
= submit_tag "Deny", class: "btn btn-danger prepend-left-10"
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