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Unverified Commit 752887b9 authored by Frank Sauerburger's avatar Frank Sauerburger
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Update RE used to prefix links with /help/

Update the regular expression in the help controller used to prefix relative
links on the help page with /help/. As suggested by @rymai, the look-ahead
pattern to detect external links is simplified from `[a-zA-Z0-9.+-]` to `\w`.
parent 44d0d0e6
......@@ -14,10 +14,9 @@ def index
@help_index ='doc', '')).sub(YAML_FRONT_MATTER_REGEXP, '')
# Prefix Markdown links with `help/` unless they are external links.
# RFC3986 allows alphanumeric, '+', '-' and '.' for URL schema;
# '//' not necessarily part of URL, e.g.,
# See
@help_index.gsub!(%r{(?<delim>\]\()(?![a-zA-Z0-9.+-]+:)(?!/)(?<link>[^\)\(]+\))}) do
# See
@help_index.gsub!(%r{(?<delim>\]\()(?!\w+:)(?!/)(?<link>[^\)\(]+\))}) do
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