Commit 73a79f7e authored by Jacob Schatz's avatar Jacob Schatz
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Merge branch '40555-replace-absolute-urls-with-related-branches-to-avoid-hostname' into 'master'

Replace absolute URLs on related branches/MRs with relative url to avoid hostname

Closes #40555

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!15735
parents 52ee3e0e 88f268b5
......@@ -74,10 +74,10 @@
= edited_time_ago_with_tooltip(@issue, placement: 'bottom', html_class: 'issue-edited-ago js-issue-edited-ago')
#merge-requests{ data: { url: referenced_merge_requests_project_issue_url(@project, @issue) } }
#merge-requests{ data: { url: referenced_merge_requests_project_issue_path(@project, @issue) } }
// This element is filled in using JavaScript.
#related-branches{ data: { url: related_branches_project_issue_url(@project, @issue) } }
#related-branches{ data: { url: related_branches_project_issue_path(@project, @issue) } }
// This element is filled in using JavaScript.
title: Fix related branches/Merge requests failing to load when the hostname setting
is changed
type: fixed
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