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Commit 6fcef535 authored by Clement Ho's avatar Clement Ho

Refactor dispatcher project branches path

parent 685780d5
......@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ import CommitsList from './commits';
import Issue from './issue';
import BindInOut from './behaviors/bind_in_out';
import SecretValues from './behaviors/secret_values';
import DeleteModal from './branches/branches_delete_modal';
import Group from './group';
import ProjectsList from './projects_list';
import setupProjectEdit from './project_edit';
......@@ -59,7 +58,6 @@ import GpgBadges from './gpg_badges';
import initChangesDropdown from './init_changes_dropdown';
import NewGroupChild from './groups/new_group_child';
import { ajaxGet, convertPermissionToBoolean } from './lib/utils/common_utils';
import AjaxLoadingSpinner from './ajax_loading_spinner';
import GlFieldErrors from './gl_field_errors';
import GLForm from './gl_form';
import Shortcuts from './shortcuts';
......@@ -246,8 +244,9 @@ import Activities from './activities';
new NewBranchForm($('.js-create-branch-form'), JSON.parse(document.getElementById('availableRefs').innerHTML));
case 'projects:branches:index':
new DeleteModal();
case 'projects:issues:new':
case 'projects:issues:edit':
import AjaxLoadingSpinner from '~/ajax_loading_spinner';
import DeleteModal from '~/branches/branches_delete_modal';
export default () => {
new DeleteModal(); // eslint-disable-line no-new
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