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# Event Tracking
We use [Snowplow]( for tracking custom events.
We use [Snowplow]( for tracking custom events (available in GitLab [Enterprise Edition]( only).
## Generic tracking function
......@@ -72,3 +72,20 @@ Below is a list of supported `data-track-*` attributes:
| `data-track-value` | The `value` in `trackEvent`. If omitted, this will be `target.value` or empty string. For checkboxes, the default value being tracked will be the element's checked attribute if `data-track-value` is omitted. | false |
Since Snowplow is an Enterprise Edition feature, it's necessary to create a CE backport when adding `data-track-*` attributes to HAML templates in most cases.
## Testing
Snowplow can be enabled by navigating to:
- **Admin area > Settings > Integrations** in the UI.
- `admin/application_settings/integrations` in your browser.
The following configuration is required:
| Name | Value |
| ------------- | ------------------------- |
| Collector | `` |
| Site ID | `gitlab` |
| Cookie domain | `` |
Now the implemented tracking events can be inspected locally by looking at the network panel of the browser's development tools.
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