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Commit 6a626a46 authored by Alfredo Sumaran's avatar Alfredo Sumaran
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Fixes opening files on a new tab with meta key + click or using mouse middle button

parent 6c9f5a50
......@@ -6,10 +6,14 @@ class @TreeView
# Make the entire tree-item row clickable, but not if clicking another link (like a commit message)
$(".tree-content-holder .tree-item").on 'click', (e) ->
$clickedEl = $(
path = $('.tree-item-file-name a', this).attr('href')
if not $'a') and not $'.str-truncated')
path = $('.tree-item-file-name a', this).attr('href')
if e.metaKey or e.which is 2
e.preventDefault() path, '_blank'
Turbolinks.visit path
# Show the "Loading commit data" for only the first element
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