Commit 693a6c1c authored by Markus Koller's avatar Markus Koller

Use Markdown styling for new project guidelines

parent 17542a78
......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@
A project is where you house your files (repository), plan your work (issues), and publish your documentation (wiki), #{link_to 'among other things', help_page_path("user/project/", anchor: "projects-features"), target: '_blank'}.
All features are enabled when you create a project, but you can disable the ones you don’t need in the project settings.
= brand_new_project_guidelines
= brand_new_project_guidelines
%ul.nav-links.gitlab-tabs{ role: 'tablist' }{ role: 'presentation' }
title: Use Markdown styling for new project guidelines
merge_request: 15785
author: Markus Koller
type: fixed
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